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Miklós Riedel
associate professor


Eötvös University, Budapest
Department of Physical Chemistry
1518 Budapest 112, Pf. 32.
phone: (36-1) 209-0555
fax: (36-1) 209-0602

Personal data


Family, hobbies

married with Ildiko Hobinka 




hobbies: skiing, sailing, books, photo, antiquities, Hat Museum

Scientific activity

Recent fields of scientific interest

secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS), energy distribution, quantification
environmental chemistry, acid rain, rapid tests in screening studies
chemical education, movies, computers, multimedia, internet
environmental education

Former scientific activities and results

inorganic and physical chemical mass spectrometry
kinetics of thermal ion emission studied by TOF MS
diffusion and recrystallisation in solids studied by mass spectrometry
high temperature surface reactions
secondary ion emission of concentrated alloys
secondary ion emission of amorphous metals
new standard materials for microanalysis

Visiting scientist abroad

Boris Kidric Institute, Vinca, Yugoslavia, (Prof. B. Perovic* 1973-1975
Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany, since 1982 regularly
Seibersdorf Research Centre, Austria, since 1980 many times
moreover: University of Münster, University of Kaiserslautern, University of Dresden


more than 90 papers,

35 in international journals and books
50 lectures and poster at conferences
25 books, leaflets (mass spectroscopy, secondary ion mass spectroscopy, experiments in physical chemistry, computer assisted measurements and calculations, energy, quantities and units in physical chemistry, physical chemical calculations)
35 articles in scientific newspapers, scientific and educational movies
KATION internet journal for chemistry teachers

Teaching activity


Lectures in physical chemistry for undergraduate chemistry teacher students
Laboratory courses, computer assisted teaching (calculations, simulations, on-line measurements)
Special courses (mass spectroscopy, surface analysis, quantities and units)
Lectures for chemistry teachers (energy sources, thermodynamics, units in chemistry, acid rain, computer assisted chemistry teaching)

Educational organising activity

Retraining courses for chemistry teachers (materials structure, thermodynamics, computer in chemistry, environmental protection) Student competitions, olympiades, Grand Prix Chimique, Hungarian Vocational Competition

Diploma works and IAESTE guest students

30 diploma workers so far.

Offered topics: computer in chemistry teaching, multimedia, on-line data evaluation, remote measurements, amorphous alloys in SIMS, acid rain, environmental chemistry studies, exotic fluids, alkali migration on cathodes, chemical index of the Danube, vast free chemistry teaching.


International Cooperations

Humboldt University Department of Physics, (H. Düsterhöft) - secondary ion mass spectrometry
Seibersdorf Research Centre (F.G. Rüdenauer) - secondary ion mass spectrometry
Chemisches Institut Dr. Flad,Stuttgart, Germany (Chemical education, UNESCO projects)

Round-robin experiments

Cross Calibration Experiment (CCE) 10 European SIMS laboratories (1985-1990)
Acid Rain Monitoring Network (SEMI) 80 schools in Hungary (1990-1995)

Membership in scientific organisations

HAS Spectrochemical Committee
Hungarian Mass Spectrometry Group (Hungarian Chemical Society) member of presidium
IUPAC Hungarian national representative
IUVSTA Hungarian National Committee

Organising international conferences

3rd Int. Conf. on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, SIMS III, 1981, Budapest
13th Int. Mass Spectrometry Conference, 1994, Budapest
1st European Conference in Chemical Education, 1998, Budapest